Ryan Kinder

In December 2011, Kinder was signed to Bigger Picture Group and is now working on a full-length album slated to be released in 2013. This young up-and-comer is surely poised for a soaring music career that will keep him on the road, in the spotlight and on the radio.



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About Ryan Kinder

For Alabama native Ryan Kinder, it’s all about the music. Whether he dons his favorite boots or rocks his vintage Chuck Taylors when he takes the stage, the music is what demands audiences' attention and defines this up-and-coming sensation with a soulful Southern sound. “I just let the music do the talking,” says Kinder.

Raised in Hoover, Alabama, Kinder is a Southern gentleman who values faith, family and sports. While he grew up playing baseball and hunting with his dad, he found his true passion in music. Kinder traded homeruns for harmonies after discovering the innovative guitar riffs of John Mayer’s debut album, “Room for Squares,” and began teaching himself to play. “In my failure to sound like my idols, I was able to discover my own sound,” says Kinder.

It quickly became apparent that music was exactly what Ryan was meant to do, and his introduction to the world of writing and performing was a smooth transition, thanks in part to his older brother’s budding career at The Music Garden, a Southeast booking agency. Kinder saw firsthand how crucial getting in front of audiences is to becoming a successful musician and, while still in high school, began landing successful gigs at popular venues, including Birmingham’s Workplay and Zyzeco, Florida’s Seaside Amphitheater, Tuscaloosa’s Rounders, and Auburn’s Sky Bar.

By 2006, as a high school senior, Kinder played at the prominent Alabama Theater. At that show, in the roar of the rallied crowd, his calling became loud and clear. He continued to hone his craft while attending the University of Alabama, performing at fraternity events and bars near campus on some of the same stages where Dave Matthews and Kenny Chesney also cut their teeth.

Music wasn’t the only talent in which Kinder excelled. Inspired by his mother and grandmother, he took cooking classes along with jazz lessons and learned audio technology, a trade Kinder claims he would pursue had he not found his place as a recording artist.

In 2009, Courtney McGukin, who later produced Kinder's first independent album, recognized Kinder’s musical talent and sent his material to Chuck Offutt, a friend of award-winning producer Keith Stegall, who was instrumental in guiding artists such as Randy Travis, Alan Jackson and the Zac Brown Band on their rise to stardom. Stegall readily recognized Kinder’s distinctive sound and impressive guitar savvy, and Kinder, still a college student in Alabama, began making regular trips to Nashville to collaborate with seasoned songwriters Jen Ketner and Luke Sheets. In those sessions, Kinder continued to refine his skills and learned to guide his own creative energy.

“When I write, it has to be organic. You can’t force inspiration,” said Kinder. “I write the music first and then allow the groove to guide the lyrics.”

Inspired by his Southern upbringing, country strongholds Garth Brooks, Keith Urban and Brad Paisley, and rock and soul sensations like Eric Clapton, Marc Broussard, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Jackson Browne, Kinder is perfecting a truly unique sound, both expressive and impactful, that hits close to the hearts of his growing fan base.

The Crimson Tide talent rode his building wave of success into Tennessee with the signing of his artist venture with Bigger Picture Group in December 2011. He has since co-written such heartfelt ballads as “Kiss Me When I’m Down,” and “Mine,” both slated to be featured on his first full-length album.

While most soon-to-be graduates are looking for a steady job to keep them grounded, Kinder is looking forward to the road ahead. “I've been working toward this my whole life” he says. “I’m so thankful for the opportunities that have come my way.” With the highly-anticipated release of his Bigger Picture Group album, this young up-and-comer is poised for a soaring music career that will keep him on the road, in the spotlight and on the radio.